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The phone systems make everyone to keep in touch

When you want to choose a business phone system for your business it is a tricky job. For that you have to check out lots of providers and examine them and from that you have to find out the one which suits you. Among the few of the phone systems that you may really get satisfied with your small business group are:

You can feel comfortable with 8 x 8 phone system

By using the 8 x 8 you can able to really empower everyone to work together no matter where they are using the collaboration capability you can link up to them all together in web conferencing and meeting them in the video. It is used for connecting all your people and help to track up their current location. This device is used for a single communication system that would really offer you seamless mobile access with superior global reach.

Why use 8 x 8?

  • It would be reliable for you to use as well it has the highest documented uptimes.
  • It has nearly 15 identical data centers around the world that would provide you an automatic and transparent failover which is used for preventing the disruption in your services.
    • Even though the data center in one crash it would transfer it immediately to the other.
  • You can able to work with a call carrier that would surely guarantee you a high call quality all the times.
  • You can able to get nearly three types of the service plans with different features as like
  • X2 – It includes the standard calling features up to participants you can connect video conference; you can do instant messaging as well as the voice mail. You would have 1 GB media storage place with unlimited calling facility around 14 countries.
  • X5 – In this you can able to call nearly 32 countries with the storage capacity of 5 GB media. Nearly you can connect 25 users with audio and video calling.
  • X8 – It includes the calling zone up to 46 countries and media storage is 10 GB and you can connect 50 users in it.

You can feel more flexible at OOMA

The next phone systems OOMA and it comes up with selecting a new VoIP provider option that seems to be limitless. You can set up your own virtual receptionist who can able to answer your incoming calls and make it easy for the callers. All users can able to make use of the Ooma mobile app that is available for iOS and Android device. You can able to make three different way of conferencing call and it has the ability to transfer your call.

Features of OOMA:

  • There won’t be any monthly fee that would be collected for the unlimited calls.
  • You can able to easily pick up your new number or port on your own easily.
  • It would contain a simple web interface feature with its mobile app.
  • The quality of the call that you do would be always good.
  • You can able to create the virtual extension along with your team members anytime.